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Larry Summers and Senator Dorgan

…Ask Summers for vision and you will get inanities, simplistic free market drivel. Ask him about markets, and he will cleverly say that markets are self-rectifying. Now, of course markets

Housing Update

…considered almost risk-free because if the borrowers default, Fannie or Freddie will pay off the loans (assuming Fannie and Freddie remain solvent). Non-conforming loans go into pools known as private-label

Paul Volcker Feb.20

…aspect of capitalism, which I will call relatively unbridled financial markets operating on a global basis, has broken down. And it has broken down in [such a] way that I…

Bello–Asia: The Coming Fury

…many countries to turn their manufacturing enterprises away from the relatively small markets associated with import substitution toward the much larger opportunities flowing from export promotion.” The World Bank endorsed…